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Nagendra Pratap Singh After completion of my Law graduation( from Shri Harishchandra Post Graduate College, Varanasi , affiliated with Shri Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh) I started my journey as an "Advocate" from 14 September, 2002 and the journey is still continue. During the Course of a more than 15 years long journey, i worked with several reputed and esteemed organisations belongs to Real Estate as well as Insurance Sectors. The names of some organisations are as follows:- SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd.; Lakhani Group of Companies; Vardhan Group of Companies; Maharashtra Police Co-operative Housing Federation Ltd. ; K N Tawakuli & Associates and K R Tiwari & Company. at present associated with the Law Counsellors (Advocate and Solicitor) Law Firm. Before having association with the Law Industry as and by way of registered member of Maharashtra & Goa Bar Council, I also worked with WHO. I worked as a “Trainer”, during the Course of “IPPI” Movement at Varanasi and Jaunpur Districts in Uttar Pradesh and Siwan District in Bihar. •I also Worked as a Representative of “World Health Organisation” during the Course of “IPPI” Movement at Varanasi and Jaunpur Districts in Uttar Pradesh. Aiming to achieve a challenging & successful career where I can make a significant contribution using my innovative ideas, knowledge, skills and experience with the objective of development & growth of the Organization. Thanks with Best Regards. Nagendra Pratap Singh (Advocate) 9172054828

पुलिस मुठभेड़ और उसकी जांच | Supreme Court.

मित्रों जब से खूंखार आतंकी अतिक अहमद के बेटे असद अहमद (जिसने अपने अब्बू के गुर्गों के साथ मिलकर स्व श्री उमेश पाल की नृसंश 


आपने हमारी सोच बदल दि- भारतीय इस्लाम।

मैने कांग्रेस के शासन काल में लगातार ५ वर्षो तक “पदम्श्री सम्मान” प्राप्त करने के लिए प्रयास करता रहा और प्रत्येक बार मेरे ७ हजार

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भारतीय रूपए का ECS से UPI तक का सफर |

मित्रों वित्तीय प्रणाली अर्थात बैंकिंग प्रणाली से संबंधित वित्तीय प्रणाली से तो आप थोड़ा बहुत परिचित अवश्य होंगे | हम लोगो के मस्तिष्क में अक्सर